How to Add a FTP User (Ubuntu Server LTS 14.04)



I host a couple servers out of my house to deal with everything from my media, personal projects, and web development / hosting for a few websites. It isn’t ideal to be running out of my house, but with a great internet connection and decent security, it isn’t an issue right now. One of my friends asked me how to add a user for FTP so they could upload a website; so here it is:

The process is super simple as its the same process to add a user to the system. The following command will add the ‘test_user‘ to the group ‘test_user‘ and create the ‘test_user‘ directory in the home directory:

$ sudo adduser test_user


The next command option ‘–ingroup‘ will add a new user to a specified group, with the syntax looking like this:

$ sudo adduser --ingroup test_group test_user


Ensure that the group you want to add the user to exists, if not you’ll have to create the group. You can see that we successfully added the user ‘test_user‘ to the group ‘test_group‘.

Now lets make a connection to our FTP server, not all server distros’ come with FTP out of the box. You will undoubtedly have to enable FTP service to make this work, so let’s see that connection!



We are pretty much done now! The only thing we could do now is just add group/user permissions to totally complete this guide. Keep checking back for an updated guide where we will learn to add groups and add group/user permissions. Any questions feel free to ask in the comments box below!

For a complete list of syntax options for adduser command, check out Manpages – [Adduser].

*NOTE: The areas that are blurred out do not hinder the ability to do this successfully, for security reasons information needed to be blurred out. Thank you for understanding!

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